Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hooked on wires

I've been having a great time doing some smaller paintings of telephone poles and power lines (and those who use them as perches)... The whole idea came to me when I was with my sister Ali, driving down our newly rebuilt thoroughfare in town where, in the process of widening and resurfacing the road, the utility lines were taken down and replaced by eye sores of metal utility boxes instead. They are plopped on the ground kind of like obstacles in a Mario World videogame.

Ali and I commented that at least one doesn't notice the powerlines so much because they're high above our heads. I do often forget they're even there. Even though they are larger, and maybe someone else would see them as more of an eyesore, they are definitely more interesting than clumps of metal boxes in various shades of olive green. So I started to look skyward while driving around that day, and days since. It's amazing, really, how intriguing they are, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. I particularly like the ones that don't even stand up straight or are caked in staples from hundreds of posters.

And there's the idea of communication, too. All these wires in the dawning era of wireless. So I've been working diligently also on a variety of greeting cards, which I'll soon be putting up on Etsy! (I'll share them here too, of course!

Above is "Dismissing," 2009. :)

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